Zest™ Tuck-Top Tortilla Wrap Pack x 500


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Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 90/121mm
  • Suitable for tortillas, wraps and sushi
  • Compostable range of disposable packaging (EN 13432)
  • Attractive presentation

 The Zest™ Tuck-top Wrap Pack is from our Zest™ Eco-Packaging range.  This is our most sustainable range.  Not only is it manufactured from sustainably sourced materials, but also it is designed so its end of life is sustainable too.  Firstly the board uses our leading water-based coating, making it easy to recycle or commercially compost. Secondly the window is cellulose, which is easy to remove and is certified as both home and industrially compostable.

The pack is is perfect for 2 fresh wrap halves to takeaway.  The paperboard has a kraft effect print, that is recyclable and commercially compostable to EN 13432. The cellulose window is not only home and commercially compostable to EN13432, it also provides superior clarity and UV protection.

This Zest™ Tuck-top Wrap Pack is ideal for environmentally aware food to go retailers.  For example delicatessens, salad bars, bakeries, sandwich and coffee shops.  In short it is a great pack for any place where the ability to recycle and compost is as important as the presentation of the contents.

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