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This bundle includes a Jantex dispenser, 2 x 5Ltr 70% ABV hand sanitiser bottles for use with the dispenser and 2 x 120ml 70% ABV hand sanitiser gels for portable cleaning - giving you all you need to ensure effective handwashing in your venue.

The included 1Ltr Jantex dispenser is designed to deliver a controlled dosage of solution. This will not only reduce costly wastage, but also ensure staff and customers are always using the correct amount of sanitiser needed to thoroughly wash their hands.

The 70% ABV formulas make the included hand sanitisers extremely effective against a wide range of microbes too. So you can make sure users have great protection against germs when washing their hands.

Product features

  • Contains 1 x 1Ltr Jantex Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (FK385), 2 x 120ml 70% ABV Hand Sanitiser Gels (DE699) & 2 x 5Ltr 70% ABV Hand Sanitiser Bottles (DE942)
  • The dispenser produces a dosage of 1ml to ensure effective hand washing
  • Delivering a controlled dosage will also help to reduce wastage
  • The dispenser's reservoir is easy to refill
  • This dispenser features a lever-free design for improved hygiene
  • The dispenser can also be locked for added security
  • The dispenser is suitable for liquid soaps and sanitisers only
  • Supplied with wall fixings for the dispenser
  • The included 70% ABV sanitisers are effective against a range of bacteria, viruses and other microbes

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