Woodland Meal Boxes x 250


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  • Suitable for fast food and snacks; also as a gift, party or activity box for children.
  • Multi-purpose compostable packaging.
  • Compostable (EN 13432 standard) paperboard.

The Woodland Meal Boxes are ideal for children’s parties with a nature theme or to complement kids menu options at family friendly restaurants or takeaways.  The Woodland Meal Boxes can hold party food, snacks or a juice box,’ and are made of compostable Kraft paperboard. The printed paperboard material is recycled, recyclable and compostable. Each case contains three different ‘Woodland’ designs.

This packaging is aimed at:
Leisure parks and funfairs / theme parks, zoos, attractions, concerts, cinemas, restaurants, markets, party suppliers, party organisers as well as catering and event organisers.

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