375cc Fresco Salad container recyclable x 500

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As the containers are made from 90% recycled PET, they're also fully recyclable and a more environmentally friendly substitute to virgin plastic alternatives. Switching to these containers will therefore help you to minimise your environmental impact and meet customer demand for more sustainable food packaging.

Product features

Capacity 375cc
Material rPET
Weight 20g
Colour Clear
Sturdy PET provides excellent durability during storage or transit
Recycled material means less raw resources and energy are needed to make these containers
Made in manufacturing facilities fully powered by renewable energy sources
The containers are fully recyclable after use
Features a leak-resistant, hinged-lid fit that prevents wasted food
Opening tabs make these containers easy to use
These containers can be stacked for space-saving storage
Includes a unique fork fitment for your customers' convenience
Ideal for serving salads, pasta and other deli goods
Ideal for serving salads, pasta and other deli goods

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